(It's longer than the game but I like it and if you need a space-y synth instrumental playlist, here you go)

Originally Created (and blew past the deadline) for Twitsybot Jam hosted by Emma Daues

 Based on A Pastel Universe (@FermiPasteladox)


Special Thanks to @mildmojo for creating the Exit from Dialogue and End from Dialogue Bitsy hacks I used as well as to the Bitsy community for being so welcoming, this is my first Bitsy project so please be kind <3.


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This is so cute!!!!!!!!!! Your astronaut sprite is adorable!! And I love the playlist that accompanies it~ 💖💖


Thank you!!!! The playlist was actually one of the first things I did. Also, thank you so much for throwing a jam that gave me the opportunity to try out Bitsy!